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5 things more important than SEO

by Hessam on July 14, 2011

Every now and then I find myself politely turning down SEO consulting offers because I just know that my efforts would do little to achieve the clients’ goals. I will try to list my reasons for this below in the (…)

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Big Brand Search Engine Spam – Hugo Boss

by Hessam on March 8, 2011

I have already written about the apparent inability of fashion brands to build websites which don’t suck. The German fashion brand Hugo Boss is no exception to this. Instead of ditching their Flash website so search engines can find their (…)

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Content Farms in Europe – Will They Be Next?

by Hessam on March 4, 2011

Google launched a major algorithmic change during the last week of February, targeting so called Content Farms. These are sites with the revenue model of creating content cheaply which is later monetized with aggressive advertising. Some well-known content farms are (…)

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A Major Step Towards Improving Google Search Quality

by Hessam on January 24, 2011

Google’s toolbar PageRank is Evil! I don’t mean it in a clubbing-baby-seals-evil sense, but in that it creates unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings which eventually lead to many incorrect business decisions. In addition, it’s empowering an entire industry of sleazy online (…)

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Google Place Search And Its Impact On Location Services

by Hessam on October 28, 2010

Yesterday Google announced the launch of Place Search. From now on when Google’s algorithms think you are performing a location specific search you will automatically be shown the Place Search SERP layout. Your physical location is automatically detected but there (…)

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