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Google Instant Search and its impact on SEO

by Hessam on September 10, 2010

During Tuesday’s major search event in San Francisco Google announced a new search feature called Google Instant which will significantly change the way users search for information on Google Search. Google Instant – Live updating search result page This new interface (…)

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Speaking at this year’s SMX in Stockholm

by Hessam on September 7, 2010

I’m very happy to be invited back to SMX Stockholm this year. It will be the second time I’m attending this conference. Two years ago I spoke at two sessions on Google Universal Search as well as Personalized Search. This time (…)

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Measure Your Long Tail Traffic With Google Analytics

by Hessam on June 2, 2010

If you are following the latest SEO industry news, you have probably heard about the Google “May Day” update. Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that this Search algorithm change mainly affects long tail searches (watch the video here).  Long tail searches (…)

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8 Ways Of Using Google Analytics Annotations In Your SEO Projects

by Hessam on February 10, 2010

A while back Google Analytics announced a new feature which allows users to add annotations to their traffic data for easier tracking of changes in website traffic. This feature allows users to make better sense of the data by incorporating a (…)

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by Hessam on January 21, 2010

Update February 4: Following this post and my email conversations with the folks at Digg, they corrected their robots.txt file on January 29. I was recently looking through some of the major tech news sites around the web and studying their usage (…)

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