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Speaking at this year’s SMX in Stockholm

by Hessam on September 7, 2010

I’m very happy to be invited back to SMX Stockholm this year. It will be the second time I’m attending this conference. Two years ago I spoke at two sessions on Google Universal Search as well as Personalized Search. This time (…)

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Measure Your Long Tail Traffic With Google Analytics

by Hessam on June 2, 2010

If you are following the latest SEO industry news, you have probably heard about the Google “May Day” update. Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that this Search algorithm change mainly affects long tail searches (watch the video here).  Long tail searches (…)

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Google: “We Pay Our AdSense Partners 68%”

by Hessam on May 24, 2010

Today Google publicized the split of revenue they share with their hundreds of thousands of AdSense publishers worldwide. In short, Google pays out 68% for AdSense for Content (AFC) ads, and 51% for AdSense for Search (AFS) ads. Quote from (…)

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8 Ways Of Using Google Analytics Annotations In Your SEO Projects

by Hessam on February 10, 2010

A while back Google Analytics announced a new feature which allows users to add annotations to their traffic data for easier tracking of changes in website traffic. This feature allows users to make better sense of the data by incorporating a (…)

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Social Search Is Google’s Killer Feature

by Hessam on January 28, 2010

This is something which I’m really excited about and I believe is a real killer feature for Google Search. Unfortunately with the frantic hype around Apple’s announcement of the iPad, this news has not yet got the attention it really deserves. Back (…)

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