8 Ways Of Using Google Analytics Annotations In Your SEO Projects

by Hessam on February 10, 2010

Google Analytics AnnotationsA while back Google Analytics announced a new feature which allows users to add annotations to their traffic data for easier tracking of changes in website traffic. This feature allows users to make better sense of the data by incorporating a log of all internal and external changes which could influence the traffic to the website. This feature is especially handy when you manage several websites and want to keep track of updates across the different domains.

Annotations now seem to be rolled out to all users and here are 8 suggestions on how you can use it in your SEO projects.

In general you should make a habit of creating a note in Google Analytics for the following reasons:

Technical adjustments including server updates and migrations, change of hosting provider, changes in the code (scripts, CSS, etc), database updates and modifications, etc.

Structural modifications such as changes to your H-tags, URL structure, meta-robot tags, robots.txt, sitemaps submissions, etc.

Editorial updates including copywriting, experiments with call to action, page titles, link anchor texts, etc.

Campaign launches, both paid and organic, as well as offline campaigns. Changes in for instance AdWords budget should also be logged.

PR work including articles written about you, your company or product, or related stories which could indirectly stimulate interest in your content.

SEO related announcements including changes in search algorithms or introduction of new features, for instance launch of Google Caffeine, Personalized Search, and Real-Time Search.

New inbound links to track any positive effect on your rankings and traffic.

Seasonal trends, for instance start of the summer holiday season, related seasonal keyword trends such as ‘winter tires’ and ‘soccer world cup’, related behavioural trends resulting in higher search volumes in specific keyword clusters, e.g. health and fitness queries after the Christmas holiday season, etc

Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section. Here is a video explaining how you can create an annotation in Google Analytics:

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