Content Farms in Europe – Will They Be Next?

by Hessam on March 4, 2011

Google launched a major algorithmic change during the last week of February, targeting so called Content Farms. These are sites with the revenue model of creating content cheaply which is later monetized with aggressive advertising. Some well-known content farms are EzineArticles, Mahalo, and HubPages. There is a great write up on the massive impact of this update on the Sistrix blog which I highly recommend.

In this announcement, Google said the update was mainly targeted the US market and that a broader international launch is yet to come. I think it would be interesting to put together a list of similar European websites to see if content farms are a problem in the European markets as well.

So, here’s an experiment in pan-European SEO crowd sourcing :) Using the form below I’m asking you to submit any websites in the content farm category which you may know of. I will then publish the complete list and we will hopefully learn a thing or two about content farms in Europe. It will also be interesting to see what happens to their rankings and traffic once Google’s Panda algorithm hits Europe.

Just a note on what not to submit:

  • Social bookmarking websites or link directories
  • Smaller (low quality) websites which mainly focus on one subject
  • Other low quality and spammy sites which are not content farms, e.g. spam blogs, link farms, etc.

Thank you in advance and am looking forward to your submissions!

Photo credit: Sunflowers by Daniel Knecht

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